Digital platform development

A wealth of knowledge across web and mobile development, IoT, ecommerce and complex integration projects.

How we help

Our technical teams provide a wealth of knowledge across web and mobile development, marketing technology, ecommerce, intranet/extranet and complex integration projects.

We design & build web and mobile applications that manage customer accounts, recommend products, handle orders and billing, and integrate back-office and CRM systems – allowing your customers to accomplish more online.

Where we are often asked to help includes:

  • Extensive technical expertise and experience with leading technologies including Microsoft .NET and Ruby on Rails.
  • Pragmatic approach and flexibility – we know not everything will be known at the outset and we adapt accordingly.
  • Robust future-proof solutions that evolve with your business – using flexible architectures to deliver web, mobile and cloud-based solutions.

How to succeed

Modern web and mobile applications use increasing amounts of data from multiple back-office systems. With businesses wanting to deliver more services online, there is an increasing need to make such data available 24x7

We are often asked to help with technical design and architecture; and the solutions we design are used to implement fully-integrated websites that sync customer accounts and product data, and support two-way integration with back-office and CRM systems.

We’ve helped organisations including Philips, Manpower and Crest Nicholson achieve a single view of their customers, and use their data in new ways; and we’ve designed robust and future-proof infrastructure to underpin this.

Robust integration

We are able to design web applications that integrate with many leading payment providers and CRM vendors – including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Given the dependencies involved, we carefully design our solutions in a manner that doesn't assume all systems to be available, all of the time. We ensure data flows and customer transactions remain robust in every event and that a full audit trail is always available.

We prefer to design and build our integrations in such a manner that internal business systems could later be changed without detrimental impact to the website. Where appropriate, we also design standalone line-of-business systems and administration sites to meet requirements for managing business data directly.

How we can help

We provide extensive technical design and build experience, designing integrated web applications and our expertise can help with the following:

  • Translate business requirements into a technology blueprint
  • Achieve a single view of your customers and their activity
  • Design web services and cloud architectures
  • Achieve single sign-on across multiple web applications
  • Integrate web, mobile and back-office
  • Develop custom web and line-of-business applications

Our expertise

We developed the digital platform for London's newest TV station, London Live. The site brings together linear and non-linear television, news, clips and curated social media into a single cross-platform experience


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