Graham & Brown: global ecommerce for an iconic British brand

A global e-commerce website that enables innovative content-driven marketing and international growth for this iconic home furnishing brand.

Graham & Brown are an iconic British, home-furnishings brand. They have been making homes beautiful since selling their first roll of wallpaper, in 1946.

Head of e-commerce, Mark Leach, had an ambitious growth strategy; to increase conversion, grow online revenue and expand further into international markets. His goal was to increase sales by 40% year-on-year.

Through a fully-localised global e-commerce platform, we helped Graham & Brown achieve these objectives. Our solution has expanded the online brand into new international markets and they are now shipping to over 75 countries.

Conversion has increased by 50%, sales on mobile devices have increased by 526% and annualised revenue has increased by £3.9 million per year.

Ecommerce strategy

From the outset, we knew we would need to optimise each element of the ecommerce shopping experience. This meant getting first time visitors to product information quickly, incorporating a fast, predictive search, personalising offers and bundles and enabling customers to shop in their own language with fully translated content.

We would need extensive ecommerce integration with multiple warehouses, stock control and back-office order systems and be able to handle split fulfillment. We wanted the solution to present customers with accurate shipping costs, calculated against DPD and UPS databases, be able to print shipping labels and handle ship-to-store scenarios.

In addition, we wanted to optimise the mobile and tablet experience, improve page load times and provide a friction-free checkout process that supports the preferred payment providers across in each region.

Improving conversion and revenue

Our team looked at each element in turn, to identify where the customer experience could be improved, where and why Graham & Brown were losing prospective customers and how they could deliver a frictionless shopping experience.

Our findings were a 51 page document that used cohort analysis to look at differences in browsing behaviour, considering when customers actually purchase, optimal conversion paths and attribution modelling to understand the impact from each channel.

We then used this data to create a frictionless shopping experience that would guide more customers through to a successful checkout.

Landing Pages & Product Merchandising

To improve product merchandising, we suggested turning Graham & Brown’s collection pages into comprehensive, curated landing pages. These would bring together closely related sets of products and avoid customers navigating through endless grids of collections.


We wanted the search function to be about discovery, to encourage exploration as well as give visitors instant access to products of interest. We recommended a predictive search that would immediately show visitors highly relevant suggestions for products, collections and articles.


We knew that customers prefer to visit online stores that cater to them in their native language. To facilitate global expansion, we proposed incorporating a live translation service across all pages, as this would improve the customer experience globally.


Our findings showed a significantly higher bounce rate for mobile devices. With more and more traffic coming from mobile, we recommended improving the navigation on tablet and mobile devices to provide easier access into collections, product ranges and inspirational content.


To help Graham & Brown increase conversion, we advised that the checkout be redesigned and streamlined. We recommended a new checkout flow that would use a single-page layout, provide inline validation and incorporate a postcode lookup.

I'd like to thank you all for the work you have put in. You have made something that is going to serve our business profitably, for years to come

Mark Leach Head of eCommerce. Graham & Brown


To meet their growth target, we focused on using data to improve their customer experience and replaced their existing platform with a new, multi-channel CMS platform that offers a significantly improved shopping experience.

The new platform now provides customers with a better online shopping experience that combines products and content in 8 languages, with shipping to 75 countries.

Products can now be bundled by their marketing team and sold at different prices across the world. Through metrics we put in place, Graham & Brown can understand what, and when, customers are buying and this enables them to react more quickly to global trends.

Throughout the implementation and deployment process, we used smart network routing to ensure a phased rollout that resulted in minimal disruption to customers, protecting the retailer's highly-regarded online service.

Implemented on the new site:

  • Highly improved customer experience
  • Improved mobile and desktop navigation
  • Predictive and advanced search
  • Data-driven merchandising allowing for personalised offers and bundles
  • Shipping to over 75 countries
  • All content in 8 languages
  • Integration with 2 warehouses
  • Integration with global and local payment providers
  • A live translation service
  • Flexible landing pages
  • Country-specific pricing, inventory and shipping costs
  • Optimised checkout


The Graham & Brown site now offers an inspiring and engaging shopping experience in any country, language and currency around the world. The site no longer places any limitations on their global growth plans.

After launching the new site, we helped Graham & Brown:

  • 150% increase in revenue since the new site launch, in 2014

Since the launch, we have continued to enhance the experience further:

  • added a mini basket: making the shopping experience faster, in 2014
  • created an optimised checkout: adding £67,756 per month in additional revenue, in 2015
  • tested a Click & Collect function in the UK, in 2016

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