How to increase your e‑commerce revenue

Improving conversion is the most cost-effective way to increase e‑commerce revenue

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A flawless checkout experience is essential to drive conversion and revenue. However, many brands still rely on the standard checkout flow provided by their e-commerce platform, and suffer from high checkout abandonment rates. Brands that place a higher priority on their checkout experience see improved conversion and revenue across all devices.

Conversion before traffic

Many brands still focus on increasing traffic rather than increasing conversion. Studies show that the best way to increase e-commerce revenue is to focus on conversion first. Spend for spend, this approach delivers a much higher return on investment.

Working with ambitious, international brands, we understand the importance of increasing conversion before traffic, and our unique, evidence-based approach shows clients exactly how to achieve this.

Setting up A/B tests with the Graham & Brown team.
Our work to improve the Graham & Brown checkout delivered a 11.61% increase in mobile conversion, and a return on investment of 1.8 weeks.

Traffic or conversion? The return on investment

For a recent study, we calculated the average figures for paid search, conversion and revenue across a number of ecommerce sites. The results found that increasing conversion before increasing traffic leads to a much higher return on investment.

To increase traffic

On average we found that brands spent £8,638 per month on paid search to drive 12% of traffic, and this traffic accounted for 25% of their online revenue.

To drive enough traffic to double their revenue, they would need to increase their paid search spend by an additional 400%, giving total cost per month of £43,190.

Improve conversion

On average, these brands had an annual online revenue of £3.3m and a conversion rate of 1.93%.

Spending £10,000 per month to improve conversion would deliver a 20% increase in conversion rate. This would result in a saving of £33,190 per month (compared to only increasing traffic) while also increasing revenue by an additional £55,000 per month.

Achieve results without re-platforming

We help you understand your customer behaviour and show you where there are opportunities for revenue and checkout optimisation. This results in increased revenue, improved conversion and a more competitive customer experience.

We work within your existing platforms, identifying elements that can be transformed to improve the customer experience. With no costly or lengthy re-platforming process, you can direct more of your budget to where it's most needed.

Setting up A/B tests with the Graham & Brown team.
We introduced session capture tools to help the Graham & Brown team develop a much deeper understanding of their customer behaviour

An immediate return on investment

Working with us to optimise your revenue you will see a return on investment that is measured in weeks, not months. We begin with the quickest ways to improve your e-commerce conversion, specifically focusing on your checkout to ensure a frictionless journey for the customer.

We introduced regular A/B testing to the Graham & Brown team as part of their standard process

Client success

Our conversion experts deliver a return on investment that is measured in days

526% increase in mobile revenue

526% increase in mobile revenue

We've helped home furnishings brand Graham & Brown drive conversion and increase online revenue - achieving a 526% increase in mobile revenue in just two years.

70% increase in online booking

70% increase in online booking

We helped Sassoon Academy increase their online course booking by over 70%

34% increase in leads into CRM

34% increase in leads into CRM

We helped Victrex increase their leads into CRM by 34%, and increase newsletter signup by 380%

What we do

Using detailed customer data, gathered through a series of analytics audits, our customer experience team helps you understand how each of your channels acquire, nurture and convert leads. 

We review your existing checkout and platforms and advise where improvements can be made to best optimise your revenue.

To achieve this we:

  • 'Look under the hood’, to tell you what is and isn’t working
  • Identify opportunities to provide a better customer experience
  • Help you understand customer behaviour and identify personas
  • Map out your customer journey
  • Remove points of friction and optimise ease of use
  • Conduct frequent user testing
  • Enable customers to do more themselves, when and where they choose
Graham & Brown

526% increase in mobile revenue in just 2 years

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I'd like to thank you all for the work you have put in. You have made something that is going to serve our business profitably, for years to come

Mark Leach Head of eCommerce. Graham & Brown

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