A digital transformation for a £1.8bn global leader

Transforming digital marketing for a FTSE-250 world leader, with multi-channel content management that delivers the right message to the right person across a long and high-value sales cycle.

Victrex is a global leader in high performance polymers – used extensively in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy and medical industries. From 15,000 aircraft to 1 billion smartphones, their polymers provide a lightweight and proven alternative to metal that offer new levels of cost savings, quality and performance.

15,000 aircraft & 1 billion smartphones

To help the Victrex marketing team communicate such a diverse range of product benefits to multiple audiences, in multiple industries and multiple languages, we implemented the Sitecore content management system and integrated it closely with Dynamics CRM. The resulting platform gives Victrex the ability to deliver a consistent message across all customer touch points.

The new site has enabled Victrex to generate higher quality leads and to strengthen relationships with existing customers. The marketing team are now able to run more complex campaigns, and have a much better understanding of who their visitors are and at what point they are in the sales cycle.

  • 15% increase in visit duration
  • 10% increase in returning visitors
  • Significant increase in the number and quality of leads into CRM

For the marketing team this is a game-changer. Having everything on one platform – content management, landing pages, CRM integration and email campaigns – allows for streamlined campaigns, better measurement and reporting.

Liat Egel Global Digital Marketing Manager, Victrex Polymer Solutions


The existing website had limited content management and no integration with email marketing or CRM. Creating effective campaigns across web, email and CRM and measuring their success was simply not possible.

More importantly, it was impossible for the marcom team to deliver an engaging and memorable digital experience that would encourage new and existing customers to learn more about Victrex’s solutions and understand the benefits of replacing metal and other polymers with Victrex’s lightweight and more durable products.


The vision was to create a unique and engaging digital experience which would encourage customers to learn more about Victrex’s solutions and understand the benefits of replacing metal and other polymers with Victrex lightweight and more durable products.

The website was developed to ensure high quality leads were correctly routed in CRM, and that CRM was fully joined to support their interaction with customers.

The marketing team requirement was to deliver a user-friendly and flexible platform which would integrate with CRM and allow Victrex to develop complex, targeted & personalized marketing campaigns and measure ROI.

The key business objectives were

  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Increase in returning visitors – encouraging users to signup for the My Victrex section (a personal information library on the Victrex website)
  • Increase the number and quality of web leads flowing into CRM
  • Significantly increase our capability to manage the website internally – along with related campaign landing pages, and email marketing


After an extensive platform selection exercise, the Sitecore platform was chosen because of its:

  • Flexibility as a multi-lingual platform.
  • Full layout control – with a number of complex page layouts, all pages are setup from components so that any combination of layout is possible
  • Support for content reuse – across website pages / landing pages / microsites / email campaigns
  • Highly effective content personalisation
  • Integrated A/B testing
  • Support for nurture email campaigns (engagement plans)
  • Two - way Integration with Dynamics CRM

Benefits of the new platform

For the marketing team the site is a user-friendly and flexible platform that integrates closely with CRM. This allows targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to be created – with campaign ROI correctly attributed.

Integrated campaigns

The extensive integration between Sitecore and Dynamics allows Victrex to setup different campaign codes in Dynamics to track all their marketing activity – online and offline – and apply these campaigns to their Sitecore landing pages and email campaigns.

Marketing analytics

Better line-of-sight into campaign effectiveness

Value associated with site actions allows us to gauge level of customer interest

Improvements to the business

The new platform allows Victrex to create a personalised experience for customers based on their website visit, CRM profile, engagement with email, and historical data. From the first point of contact and throughout the process they are able to deliver a more beneficial experience for their customers visiting the site.

Better content management

The internal marketing team now has full control over all content and is self-sufficient in creating landing pages, saving time and resources

Tagging content against centralised taxonomy (industry / interest) as it’s uploaded saves time and creates an enhanced user experience

Detailed user permissions / approval – helps with better site management

Email marketing

The same platform for website and email allowed for structural and visual consistency (blocks), promoted adoption and use

Enhanced search

The enhanced search functionality allows customers to find what they need quickly, searching within the contents of PDF and Word documents.

What we made

To deliver on this strategy, we aligned their digital presence using Sitecore to provide a seamless customer experience. With this, we integrated the Dynamics CRM to help them better understand their customer, wherever they were in the sales cycle.

Increased customer engagement

To increase customer engagement, we structured the navigation to provide clear routes to all information for all audiences. We took a modular approach so they could build any form of layout and display complicated product information in a more comprehensive way.

We also eliminated complex and tricky contact forms and enabled global customers to interact with the site in their own language. Together, these features deliver an engaging user experience, encouraging new and existing customers to learn more about products and information relevant to them.

Increased global presence

To cater for and grow Victrex's international customers, we incorporated full translations of the site in German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Lighter versions of the site also exist in French, Italian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Better customer data and insight

Our recommended new web platform, Sitecore, provides Victrex with better customer data. Sitecore tracks all visitor interaction across multiple devices to build up a complete profile of the customer, including their interests. This gives Victrex a detailed insight into each customer, which can then be used to drive content personalisation.

Tighter CRM integration

We transformed their lead-routing process by tightly integrating the Dynamics CRM with Sitecore, to support the global sales team. This provides complete visibility of all prospective leads and the ability to track all marketing activity and campaigns.

They can now set up personalised nurture campaigns to continue the conversation between sales meetings. For the marketing team, it enables them to develop targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.


With the new site, customer acquisition and conversion has successfully increased. Victrex has seen a 30% increase in CRM leads, a 9% increase in returning visitors and 15% increase in mobile sessions.

We have taken Victrex from a fragmented web presence, with no CRM integration, an inconsistent user experience and no technology to provide them with customer insight, to a digitally native organisation.

In leading their digital journey, we have provided the right strategy, technology, training and support to enact a lasting digital change, which has laid the foundations for future growth.

  • 23%
    increase in organic traffic
  • 30%
    increase in CRM leads
  • world class
    digital capabilities

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