Insight: Customer Experience


How retailers can boost conversion, part 2: predictive search

How to extend your search function to ensure your customers can get to relevant products as quickly as possible.


How retailers can boost conversion, part 1: landing pages

How landing pages can improve the shopping experience and drive sales.


The ecommerce mistakes that Austin Reed should have avoided

On 26 April, 116-year-old, British tailoring brand Austin Reed collapsed into administration. In response to the news, our customer experience team decided to review Austin Reed’s online presence and contrast this with the results we've obtained for our clients.


How to build a digital roadmap

A digital roadmap helps to balance customer and business priorities and align all stakeholders with a simple view of the route ahead.


Why marketing technology is only part of a consistent customer experience

The huge innovation in marketing has made selecting the right platforms incredibly important, but it is not the only hurdle that marketing teams face.


How to run A/B tests with Google Content Experiments

A/B testing is an essential part of improving conversion rates. We explain how to run these tests using the Google service.


Improving mobile performance by 65% for a UK food retailer

Client confidential: Helping an incumbent agency stop website performance and architecture problems from damaging a well-known brand.